Keep Nine Amendment

A Growing Bipartisan Effort…

The “COALITION FOR AN INDEPENDENT SUPREME COURT” is a bipartisan effort to persuade Congress to propose the “KEEP NINE” Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Coalition, also known as the “Keep Nine” Coalition, was founded by Democratic former Attorney General of Virginia Andrew Miller, and is currently led by Chair Paul Summers, former Attorney General of Tennessee and Co-Chair Stephen Rosenthal, former Attorney General of Virginia. The “KEEP NINE” Amendment is backed by a bipartisan coalition of former state Attorneys General, more than 200 Members of Congress and more than 800 state legislators and statewide elected officials.

The “KEEP NINE” Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution simply says:

“The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine Justices.”

The Court Packing Issue…

Every candidate running for federal and state office should be asked to tell voters where they stand on this Amendment that would ensure that no future Congress and President could change the size of the Supreme Court. Polling shows overwhelming voter support for the Amendment.

No candidate should be able to say, “I oppose Court-Packing” without having to say where they stand on a Constitutional Amendment to permanently ban it.

Without an Amendment, when advocates of Court packing next win control of Washington, they may abolish the Senate filibuster, add new states to increase their Senate majority, and pass a law to increase the size of the Court.  That would undermine the independence of the Court and respect for the rule of law itself. We cannot let that happen, but we must act now to prevent it.

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