Don’t Bankrupt America


The next time there is a crisis we must ensure America is still fiscally solvent enough to deal with an emergency. That is why it is time to re-invigorate the conversation started by President Reagan who supported a “balanced budget” or “fiscal discipline” Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

A growing network of young people called “DON’T BANKRUPT AMERICA” is working to build support for the idea that an alliance of state legislators in 2/3 of the states, grassroots activists, and sympathetic Members of Congress could, if they came to agreement on Amendment, force Congress to propose an Amendment, much as states and voters helped force Congress to propose the Bill of Rights and, more recently, presidential term limits.


If you are a young American or you know young Americans interested in  participating in Don’t Bankrupt America’s effort to mobilize the next generation to save their future from fiscal ruin, please contact:

[email protected]